Welcome Freshman Football Parents and Players

The information provided is the same information you would have received at the mandatory meeting. Our Football Program is structured for success!

This requires effort from student athletes, coaches, parents, and Boosters to do their part to be successful.

  • Due to the closure of schools last year, we will be moving at a fast pace, trying to fund-raise and prepare for the football season.

Requirements for Student Athletes and Parents

  • Students must get a sport physical before they begin summer football; 6/01
  • Students must complete the online clearance registration.
  • Visit the calendar/forms page to download physical forms and online clearance registration directions, as well as stay informed on upcoming events.
  • Players must show up to practice on time and prepared. This means in the proper clothing and bring water to drink.
  • If a player is going to miss practice or be late, they must text the head coach to let him know.
  • Players will participate in all fundraising & events put on by the football program. All freshman players are required to work in the snack bar for one home game. (Entrance for that game is free)
  • Freshman parents are responsible to work one snack bar shift for a home game. 5pm -9 pm (entrance for that game is free) Please check the website for the varsity home game schedule and text your name and which date you would like to sign up for to your freshman representative. You will receive a group text from your representative before the season begins.
  • Parents are responsible to "LIKE US" on one of our social media platforms. Information on fundraising, events, and banquets will be posted there.
  • It is your responsibility to keep yourself informed. You can always contact the head coach, your freshman parent representative or any member of the Booster Club if you have questions.
  • Order your Spirit Pack. Students need 2 practice shirts, black shorts, jersey, and either performance t-shirts. It will be more depending on what extras you add.  There is a shipping fee and all items will be shipped directly to your home 3-4 weeks after purchase.
  • This will contain all athletic gear needed for practice, as well as other fan gear items available for purchase. Forward link to family or friends so they can purchase their gear too.
  • If parents are interested in joining our Booster Club, please reach out to any member. We would love to have you.
  • Hablamos espaƱol y le ayudaremos a responder cualquier pregunta

Questions? Email, text or call any of our booster members: Mrs. Evans (909) 212-2893, Mrs. Guzman (909) 510-9700, Mrs. Miranda (909) 234-6855, Mrs. Rodriguez (909)732-3531

Improvement Through Competition